Unusual artifacts, usual life

Originally Published August 1, 2009

As our families get older, we may (or already have) find ourselves in charge of a family members estate. The longer they’ve lived in one place, the more complex and cluttered that can be, as you go through the items in their attics, garages, crawl spaces, and even in some cases, their barns.
Of course, in this search and general clean out, you’re going to find items that you have absolutely no clue as to what they are. Some of the times may be even more complex here in Colorado; not just the common household and farming artifacts found in many places, but mining equipment may well be hidden away in barns and sheds; something either picked up along the way for its uniqueness, or something actually used by a family member.
Now once you find out what these items were, the urge to smack yourself in the forehead over the simplicity of it all may arise. Don’t do that, it just leaves a bruise! However, it is often good to know what the items are for future use, or for during an estate sale or auction so you can get full value of the item, and just for simple curiosity.
As interesting items come my way, I will be writing about them, and providing pictures and sometimes links. I won’t be assigning values to the items I discuss; I am not an antique dealer or expert in any way, shape or form, but I’m good with the research. If I happen to link you to an antiques site where they do list value, please don’t take it as I am advocating their assessments or promoting them- often it will be because they have the best pictures of what the object looks like in mint condition!
I’m always looking for new and interesting artifacts, so if you have something at home that you’re not sure what it is, or you have a good idea but would like more information, feel free to email me with photos and maybe some idea of where you found the item. You may even get the joy of stumping me!

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