Tiny Town lights up for the holidays for the first time in 20 years

Originally Published November 26, 2009

For the first time since 1989, Tiny Town is lit up and decorated for Christmas. Several of the houses, stores and other buildings in the town have been decorated with lights, and several more with bows and wreaths for the holiday season. Even Santa has decided to use the tracks of the Tiny Town railroad to help him launch for his yearly flight!

Elvira Nedoma, Director of Tiny Town, inspired by the economy and the children who love Tiny Town, made the decision two weeks ago to light the town up so that people could drive by and see a bit of holiday spirit in these tough economic times. Thanks to two volunteers, Nancy Leissen and Paul Steffen, as well as the donation of lights and decorations (and time) from members of Pinecam.com and The Ranch Grill on North Turkey Creek Road, the lit up town became a reality for this year.

“If it’s just for a moment, I wish peace and love and happiness for everyone.” Ms. Nedoma said, hoping that seeing the lights on the town will bring that spirit to viewers, and ease some of the burden of the current state of the economy. While the park is closed at this time of year, the lights and buildings are visible from the road, and since it is on a side road, a slow drive by or even stopping for pictures is quite easily done.

Tiny Town will be lit up nightly from 5pm to 10 pm from Thanksgiving through New Years Day. Tiny Town is located at 6249 South Turkey Creek Road in Morrison, and is just a short trip up Hwy. 285. Take the North Turkey Creek Road exit on Hwy. 285, and follow the signs to Tiny Town. It is only 20 minutes from the C470 and 285 juncture.
Tiny Town has been a fixture since 1915, when it was built by the Denver-Leadville Stagecoach Station manager, George Turner, to entertain his young daughter. By 1925, the town was large enough to be opened to the public; at the time, it had 125 buildings. It was a must see day trip from Denver.
Time, the rerouting of Hwy 285, several floods and even a fire took its toll on Tiny Town – Even after several attempts at restoration, it was closed through most of the 1970s and 80s, until The Northern Colorado Chapter of the Institute of Real Estate Management decided to make Tiny Town their civic project, and offered lot leases at an auction at the Children’s Museum of Denver. The winning bidders refurbished or rebuilt the houses and other buildings, and in 1988, Tiny Town reopened for good with 50 buildings. Since that time, there are more buildings added every year, many of them famous landmarks from throughout Colorado like the Argo Mill of Idaho Springs and the Coney Island hot dog of Bailey.
Now run by the Tiny Town Foundation, the railway was added in 1990 and the train is one of the more popular features of the park. It is open to the public Memorial Day to Labor Day, but parts of it can be viewed from the road any time of year. Donations are welcome to help with the upkeep of the current structures and addition of new ones. Donations can be sent to Tiny Town 6249 S. Turkey Creek Road, Morrison, Co. 80465.
Come enjoy the spirit of Christmas with Tiny Town and have a Happy Holidays!

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