Odd Places for Ghosts: unusual haunted locations in Colorado

Originally Published October 26, 2010

As I’ve been reading the many books and websites on the ghosts of Colorado, listening to the tales those who have sworn they have seen – and even talked to- ghosts, I’m finding some of the locations just plain…odd. These places are not necessarily old; they have not absorbed the residual emotions of countless people through decades. They are sometimes very remote, and sometimes right in the middle of so much traffic you’d be surprised any ghost could be noticed at all. But in their unusualness, they warrant mention.

As always, a number of these sites may be private property and should be treated as such. Even when they are very public venues, these places and their owners deserve your respect and decency.

There is an Arbys in Colorado Springs that apparently has managed to gather several ghosts. One such ghost is that of a woman, who is seen in the mornings by staff who comes to open the restaurant; she is seen to walk straight through a locked door in the front of the store, and out the equally locked back door. Those who close the restaurant at night have heard their names called by a man’s voice, and often after the chairs are placed on the tables for the night, they can be found all back on the floor in the morning, which I’m sure has caused some employees problems with their bosses in the past. Which Arby’s is it? That you’ll have to find out for yourself.

One of the K Marts in Colorado Springs is also considered haunted. When closed at night, displays are knocked over or rearranged, the standard cold spots can be found in the store, and early morning employees have reported someone brushing past them when no one is there.

Heritage Square Amusement Park near Golden is also said to be haunted – not by one of its former visitors, but by ghosts much older than the attraction itself. The tale goes that a young man fell in love with an Indian girl (which tribe? We don’t know.) In order to keep them apart, her relatives moved themselves and her out of the area, and he, in true romantic fashion, gave chase on his horse. He was killed during the pursuit, and today you can hear the sounds of many horses and the young man calling out to her. Is this true or just a standard romantic ghost tale told from one end of the country to the other? Take a trip out to Heritage Square and see.

DIA- Denver International Airport – for as new as it is, is also claimed to be haunted, by the spirits of Native Americans. Although a ceremony was held to lay the spirits to rest an deconsecrate the ground DIA was built on, it is still considered a sacred space, and as such, the spirits still walk the land, covered as it is by tarmac, coffee and gift shops and baggage carousels.

The casinos of Black Hawk have ghosts as well. Guards have seen a little girl holding balloons on security cameras, only to have the guards standing right nearby not be able to see her at all.

Georgetown has the ghost of Edward Bainbridge. Bainbridge killed a man in John Mickles Saloon in 1867, and was summarily tried and hung. Just before he died, Bainbridge vowed to haunt the town forever. And apparently he does – every 20 years. One year after his death, he came back and haunted the jail where he’d been held, knocking things about, banging, blowing out lamps and candle, and in general being a true nuisance. His activity was so pronounced and prolonged; people came from all over the state to witness this daily occurrence. Finally, it died off and peace came again- until 1887, when Bainbridge reappeared, noose still around his neck. And so it has gone every twenty years since. So, who’s going to be in Georgetown in 2027?

And lest we forget, this isn’t so much and odd place, as a rather odd ghost. Wandering about Arvada is the ghost of a woman. But she’s not just a woman, she’s also half goat. (I’m assuming lower half) This ghost has no specific place to haunt; rather, it comes into your home and sits down to watch TV.

I don’t think we can get much odder than that. But if you’d like to take that as a challenge, feel free to tell me about the odd ghosts you have seen here in Colorado. Who knows, you may make the next odd haunts list!


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