Haunted train stations in Colorado

Originally Published October 26, 2010

Haunted trains , rails, stations and even ghost trains dot the landscape of Colorado; someghosts are helpful, some seeing help, and some ghostly trains just carry on their journeys, long after the tracks have been removed. Here are a few of the more prominent haunted trains and stations in the state.

Union Station in Denver also has its share of ghosts. Built in 1880 on the spot of the Denver Depot in an attempt to incorporate all the train stations into one, Union Station was exceedingly busy for decades, since trains were the most efficient means to o move people and goods. Many ghosts in Victorian garb are seen walking the station, looking for a train long since gone.

While the Denver Depot was still standing, it was haunted by the ghost of a three fingered hobo who had likely died on the property . He was seen standing on the platform at 2 am, would tap on the ticket takers window incessantly, and walk through the offices, disturbing the night staff. His haunting became so bad and frequent, several people quit. Does he haunt the newer building as well? It’s not known, since not too many night passenger trains come through Denver anymore, and the passengers are more concerned with getting to their destinations than hunting for ghosts.

At the Telluride Depot, a heavily tattooed man, for unknown reasons, put his neck on the track and was subsequently run over. His ghost then started haunting the station, targeting the poor baggage clerks, who were often confronted with his headless ghost, holding the bloody head out toward the hapless clerk.

The stations were haunted, but so were the trains, most notable of these was the ghost ofEssie Mentzer.


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