Books on the ghostly history of Colorado

Originally Published October 28, 2010

As the Halloween Season draws to a close, I know that I have hardly started to touch on all the mysteries and ghost tales here in Colorado. I said nothing of the more widely known stories, such as the ghosts who wander Chessman Park, or the Columbine Lady of Central City and her visits to the grave of a young man, I’ve barely spoken of the ghosts that occupy all the mining towns – you’ll just have to wait until next year! But in the meantime, in case you cannot wait, here is a list of books on the subject. Some of them are older and may be harder to find, others are readily available in most of the libraries and many of the bookstores throughout the state. This list is not comprehensive; just a list of books I was able to easily find in my local libraries- and on my bookcase already.

If you have any other books that you can recommend, that you think should be added to the list, feel free to send me a message and I’ll get them added.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, I present you – Ghosts and Mysteries of Colorado:

Colorado Ghost Stories by Antonio Garcez

Northern Colorado Ghost Stories: True Stories from Estes Park, Fort Collins, Glen Haven, Livermore, Longmont and Loveland by Nancy Hansford

GhostHunt: a guide to ghost photography & field investigations. Featuring true stories & photographs from Colorado & the U.S. by Dee Chandler

Mystery and Miracles of Colorado by Jack Kutz

The Ghosts of Denver: Capitol Hill by Phil H. Goodstein

The Phantom Train and Other Ghostly Legends of Colorado by F. Dean Sneed

Twilight Dwellers of Colorado by MaryJoy Martin

Ghost Stories of the Rocky Mountains, volumes one and two by Barbara Smith (these stories encompass the entire range, but many Colorado stories can be found in these books, especially the first volume.)

Ghosts of Colorado by Dennis Baker

Ghost Stories of Colorado by Dan Asfar

Ghost Tales of Cripple Creek by Chas F. Clifton

Haunted Boulder: Ghostly Tales from the Foot of the Flatirons by Roz Brown and Ann Alexander Leggett

Mysteries and Legends of Colorado: True Stories of the Unsolved and Unexplained by Jan Murphy

Another interesting source for ghost stories is the newspapers. Even though the Rocky Mountain News started to refuse to print them starting in the 1880s, many of the smaller papers continued to print them for many more years.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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