Along the D,SP&P Railroad – revising Stevens Gulch

Originally Published August 18, 2009

In my hurry to answer the question from my reader, I fell into the same mistake I warned you all about a few articles ago – I didn’t look for all the different names that could have applied to the area. I also failed to check one of my sources – Denver, South Park and Pacific by M.C. Poor. 1959. And this is a bad oversight on my part, since Mr. Poor was considered the expert on this railway.

So, going back to the maps, it appears that the 1881 Rand McNally was correct- Stevens Gulch are Mill Gulch are almost in the same spot – next to each other.

 Here’s the info from the station list in Mr. Poor’s book:
Denver at Union Station is considered mile marker 0. Many stops along the way, before entering Platte Canyon at mile marker 20.43, station number 1009.
Mill Gulch is listed at mile 24.51, is station number 1011, and has 1,059 feet of siding.
Stevens Gulch is at mile 25.90, is station number 1012, and has 263 feet of siding.
Deanes/Deanesbury/Newberry/Strontia Springs is mile 26.80, is station number 1013 and has 551 feet of siding.
Symes/South Platte is mile 29.68, is station number 1014, and has 5,111 feet of siding, and three buildings. Other notes about South Platte state that a new depot was built in 1897 on the other side of the track from the hotel/general store.
So if we look back at the map, these three places were lined up along the track, just about a mile apart each.
So, my apologies for the mistake in the last article – I am glad I was able to find this and clarify.
Note, the entrance of the Platte Canyon may now be called Steven’s Gulch, but it wasn’t back when the railway was in service.

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