A Christmas surprise found under the floor

Originally Published December 22, 2009

This is the paper Carol Boyd found under the floor in her store.
This is the paper Carol Boyd found under the floor in her store.
Lisa Keipp

When Carol Boyd purchased the small house on Olde Wadsworth in Arvada to become her new store 10 years ago, she didn’t expect the Christmas surprise – and omen – she found under the floor.

“I really wanted to keep the old linoleum; it was original to the house, all pink, black and turquoise.” However, the linoleum was cracking and crumbling, so Carol decided to take it up.

Much to her surprise, under the linoleum was a copy of The Rocky Mountain News, dated December 25th, 1913. It was one of the first papers printed in color in the Denver area.

“It was a good omen to find it, since I was opening a Christmas store.” Carol said. And indeed it was. Nine years later, House of Seasons is still going strong, changing products and décor with the seasons. This month, of course, the entire store is dedicated to Christmas.

Carol Boyd had the newspaper framed and it hangs in a place of honor in the main room, right behind her counter. This is indeed a one of a kind piece; even on microfiche in the Denver public Library, it can only be viewed in black and white.Carol Boyd and customer Cathy Johnson standing in front  of the newspaper.

This little house was build by Dr. Greene in 1889, who built it as a home and office. Dr. Greene was one of Arvada’s first osteopaths. Dr. Greene and his wife and two children remained in the home and community until 1916, when he moved back east to his hometown. The building was a private residence until the 1950s, and has housed a series of businesses since. Just by luck, Carol Boyd was the only one to consider replacing the floor, and thus finding this treasure likely placed there by the Greene family themselves.

The house itself has some very unique architectural features; the kitchen and corner sinks being my favorite.
This tiny room is the kitchen - the stove would have been out in the main room.
To see this unique little house, and this rare copy of the Rocky Mountain News, you can stop by 5625 Olde Wadsworth in Old Town Arvada Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 5:30 pm.

Notation- the store is no longer at this address.

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